Pioneering the Future of Food

ASTRONOSH is a regenerative food system for Earth and beyond.

It features a living microfarm, where insects are transformed into flavorful fare, producing a range of delectable food experiences that are highly personalized.

Insects are known to be a delicious sustainable food, eaten by billions of people of various cultures for centuries. ASTRONOSH utilizes insect diversity to produce unique meals and snacks that will alleviate astronaut menu fatigue and significantly enhance current offerings.


ASTRONOSH also benefits humans still inhabiting the Earth. From remote arctic regions to urban food deserts, a self-sufficient food system would provide more independence while promoting insects as healthy sustenance.


The system combines farming, processing, and food preparation into a single regenerative unit.

ASTRONOSH was developed for the Deep Space Food Challenge, is a competition coordinated between NASA & Canadian Space Agency, administered by the Methuselah Foundation.

Project Team
  • Ann Dinh, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Connor Lambrecht, New York University
  • Johanna Weber, Ryerson University
  • Joseph Yoon, Brooklyn Bugs
  • Matthew C. Wilkes, New York University
  • Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE
  • Oliver Medvedik, Cooper Union
  • Peter Yeadon, Team Leader, Yeadon Space Agency