Headed for the Moon

NASA Artemis mission aims to return US astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972. The team consists of 18 astronauts - nine men and nine women - with diverse backgrounds and experience levels, on a 30-day mission. This mission promises a lunar walk for the first woman and for the first person of color.

What articles of clothing would be functional and aesthetically pleasing for the mission to the moon?

In talking to retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, there needs to be more consideration to humans in human space flight.

“When you travel to space, you’re not just working but living there, too. If there’s one key thing to consider, it’s how life without gravity affects the way you move.”

- Nicole Stott

The collection takes inspiration from photographs by astronauts and scientists, the human eye on space. 

initial design sketches


This collection balances aesthetics with comfort and functionality, while responding to the limitations presented by low gravity, tight quarters, and constrained hygiene.

These are pieces that astronauts could wear in their everyday lives in space, where they both work and live.

Some key features are: 
  • Changeable pockets for different tasks, science work to personal needs.
  • Ease of access to body locations for monitoring sensors.
  • A NASA velcro logo that utilizes the agency’s existing use of velcro in a more graphic way. 

If approved,  NASA will test aspects of  this project and that of other students for potential inclusion in the Artemis mission.