Moto Designshop

Located on a historic street in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, the homeowners renovated a double-wide carriage home - Moto Designshop helped bring the project to life. Inspired by boutique hotels and rooftop lounges, the home was designed to be a retreat, a moment of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

The front facade was reconstructed, maintaining the historic brickwork common throughout Philadelphia, yet allowing for larger windows and double-wide carriage front doors.

“We’ve spent more time in this home than we ever would have imagined and feel fortunate we were able to have it as a place to hunker down.”

- the homeowners

The homeowners wanted a place where they could entertain, with the open-concept kitchen and living room, to a sunroom that opened to one roof deck, to the tiered upper decks, all possible space was utilized but still inviting. In addition, the material choices - from the oak herringbone flooring, painted built-ins, and white marble details to black framed windows and skylights - create a warm, approachable home. This home is a cozy, well-designed family retreat

*Contributing Designer as part of Moto Designshop*

**photography by Christian Torres**