The “Re-Draw” competition is an international competition organized by Non Architecture and aims to develop one drawing to ‘represent’ an iconic architectural piece. The participants are asked to draft one image, with absolute freedom of scale, technique, and level of abstraction.

“Chromatic Anatomization” is a deconstruction of Villa Savoye, a pivotal masterpiece, sectioned, opened, cut away, and reconstructed for a deeper insight. Through this dissection, the representation depicts multiple temporal states simultaneously, inviting us to consider the villa not as a static entity but as a series of evolving narratives.

It promotes a new way of thinking about the iconic architectural space, not just as physical volume or sacred architectural relic but as a confluence of different timeframes, activities, and stories. The intersections and interactions depicted here between inhabitants, spatial elements, and design details transcend mere illustration; they serve as a narrative bridge linking Le Corbusier’s innovations with the evolving ethos of the current state of design discourse.

Villa Savoye is recontextualized as a living entity, capable of conversing with and contributing to the dynamism of contemporary design.


Team Members: Ann Dinh & Emre Ozdemir