We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident ...”

To attempt to capture the true diversity, tonality, and consciousness of the American experience in one gesture is second only in difficulty to defining the meaning of life. The act of speaking up is foundationally American, but how that act manifests itself and the breath of those expressions defines our melting pot culture. The Declaration Poster Series is a means to give voice - a celebration of the cacophony that is the American point of view. Situated in the birthplace of the United States, these banners visualize the languages of Philadelphia and understanding that Philadelphia has many histories and just as many futures.

This initial pass of the Declaration Poster Series highlights the nine top languages used in Philadelphia.
English // Spanish // Portuguese // Chinese Mandarin // Haitian Creole // Vietnamese // Arabic // French // Russian

The focus on “We hold these truths to be self-evident...” is due to its act of declaring.
Historically, it was declared clear and stated facts. In our current social and political situation, we now ask who those facts are for.

The Focus on “We” is who “we” includes. That “we” is a diverse community in age, race, and experiences.

The original Declaration of Independence was printed and distributed throughout the colonies. Printing and posting is a democratic means of disseminating information. 

The QR Code allows the viewer to learn more about the upcoming events surrounding the anniversary as well as express any thoughts, memories, or grievances surrounding the celebration.

The poster series uses Risograph printing, a technique that allows for high-volume printing with low environmental impact. Similar to screenprinters and photocopiers, the technique creates rich, tactile, and vibrant prints.

Risograph printing has been used for high-volume printing in schools & political parties for many years.

Many thanks to Pet Riso Studio for printing this series. 

As 2026 approaches, the series will develop to include all 85 languages used within the boundaries of Philadelphia.


- Celebration of a historic event
- Reflection on a historic event
- Discussion of the current situation
- Hopefulness for the future

- Celebration
- Acknowledgment

Design Objective
- Identity & Connection
- Inclusivity

Design Criteria
- Prompt Initial Engagement
- Simple & Concise
- Inviting
- Informational

The Signing Of the Declaration Of Independence

The signing of the Declaration of Independence was a momentous event in American history. It summarized the colonists’ motivation for independence. The colonies declared themselves an independent nation.

In celebrating this historic event, one must also reflect on the disparities - that these Founding Fathers were white, property-owning men. Nearly half of these men were slaveholders, and all of them profited from the institution of slavery in the United States.


Philadelphia is a diverse city, with various cultures and communities calling its home. Philadelphia is a working-class city - where industries came and went -but where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. Philadelphia is an academic mecca with numerous institutions of higher education. Each of its neighborhoods has a unique character and personality, showcasing the diversity of its residents. This diversity of people is in stark contrast to those historical figures celebrated with the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.