Grand Gestures for PHILADELPHIA250

Project Team

Moto Designshop + Iron Studio
Ann T. Dinh, Crafted Action, and Rustfab

Our team was invited to present a vision for the event to celebrate the upcoming 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Based on the visionary language within the historical document, our proposal explored this theme as a grand gesture for a better nation.

Our team's overarching desire is to create an archive for the city, a living document that reflects the wide range of lived experiences for Philadelphians. Our proposal seeks to be a vessel for truth that encourages optimism and enthusiasm for the city’s future. We envision the declaration station to manifest as a collection of many individual pieces, able to move like satellites, though firmly rooted in key neighborhoods of the city long enough to engage the surrounding community. We propose a grand city-wide campaign connected through these neighborhood beacons, engaging young Philadelphians through civic dialogue and creativity.

These satellites are beacons for Philadelphians, posted throughout the city in a physical exercise of exchange and to encourage curious engagement. A form can function in parts; many components can also assemble to physically reflect the celebration of unity. We think of these beacons as harbingers of collaboration in a community, collectors of community creation. They are destinations for campaign stakeholders and education throughout Philadelphia neighborhoods. The resulting collection is a catalog of physical input, a quilt of sorts to represent the many experiences of Philadelphia in this era.

Our team was one of three finalists to develop the work in a ideas-to-prototype competition



teamwork makes the dream work