A Modern Take on a Traditional Wear

The collection is a visualization of the creator’s multiple identities.  
Vietnamese - American
Architect - Designer

The prototype piece from the collection draws inspiration from the rich tones of brick and red shades being traditional celebratory colors in Southeast Asian culture. The aim was to make a more everyday wear garment, one not worn just for special occasions, but when the wearer just wants to feel special.
The silhouette is based on the national garment of Vietnam, the  Áo dài. The two-piece characteristic along with the modest neckline of the traditional garment was maintained, but the designer played with the sleeve and panel length, cutouts, and layering.

Before modern digital printing, architectural drawings were copied using a cyanotype process on paper, the iconic blueprint. The blue tones throughout the collection were inspired by this printing method, along with the classic American textile, denim.

The designer’s hometown, Philadelphia, has a history of fashion, one of the most iconic figures from the city is Grace Kelly. The actress is known for classic silhouettes and feminine frocks, and latter on more bold color choices. Back in the 1950s, the actress was wearing two pieces,  like a striped crop top with a matching midi skirt.

The designer tried to maintain the classic yet colorful nature of this fashion icon, along with taking inspiration from the historic elements found within the city.