Destigmatizing the title of Picky Eater

The term "pick eater" evokes images of a stubborn child refusing to eat their vegetables. These children grow up, and it is assumed that they grew out of these issues. However, there are a number of adults who maintain their childhood food dislikes. These selective eaters are considered immature, narrow-minded, and unsophisticated. In reality, these adults cannot eat these food, they are reacting to instincts, biology, genetics, and past experiences.


How might we design a system to assist selective eaters,
while educating the general public on this condition?

Identified smell as an accessible method to educate people.

From initial testing,  saw non-picky eaters playing with different scents and reacting to the various scents. With picky eaters, saw how a strong smell was distracting enough to engage in disliked food.

The project uses smell to change one’s perspective by introducing a collection of scent stickers. The stickers place a person in another person’s shoes. The packaging led people to an online resource - a community for picky eaters or an education resource for non-picky eaters.