Publication covering multimodal transit in the Philadelphia area 

"HOW TO transport your bike on:" infographics by Ann Dinh
SPOKE magazine informs and engages the people of the Philadelphia region by covering mobility. With a focus on long-form journalism and storytelling, SPOKE examine urban life through the lenses of bicycling, walking and mass transit.

"HOW TO transport your bike on:" infographics by Ann Dinh

Cover art by Jameela Wahlgren   

Cover art by Steph Snow

Designer for SPOKE magazine

Directed the update of the overall look of the publication. Reviewed and approved designs, photography, and illustrations. Developed infographics and imagery for print and web platforms. Coordinated gallery events. 

Matt Bevilacqua, Editor
Alex Vuocolo, Editor
Elliott Lamborn, Creative Director
Hannah Candelaria, Designer
Lenore Romas, Designer
John Cardone, Web Design
Hillary Wickline, Marketing Director
Katie Bohri, Outreach + Events Manager