Can a person identify aspects of their personal identity through noise?

Once Upon a Time...

The noise is so loud, there is a constant buzzing in around the world. No noise mitigation techniques can help.

Discerning specific sounds become a commodity, used as a means of personal identity. 

Sound Passports

A person can distinguish personal sound identity from the noise by listening closely, but also assisted by touch.

01. Citizen Identification

Sound identities created through a combination of personal contributions from the citizens - a personal time capsule of sound - obscured through noisy environment of the world.

song or sound that recalls a memory

resting heart rate, BPM, beats per minute

audio message to your future self

Upon listening to their sound identity, Citizen 01 still pick up her past and present sounds. Did not recognize their future contribution

Citizen 02 was able to distinguish every individual component of their sound identities, separating it from the noisy world conditions.

Citizen 03 was focused on only their future sound. The world conditions were distracting.

02. One-on-One Communication 

How does one communicate their identity to each other?


Through touch, a personal message can be activated. Message is sent the through by bone conduction. Wearable conceived as receiver and microphone, a method of providing private information in ever increasing loud and busy world.

03. Broadcast Communication

How does one communicate their identity to others?


Through sound and by engaging touch, a general broadcast can activated.

Method of providing information to the masses. Utilizes existing surfaces to extend the sound reach.